Monday, September 10, 2012

Knitting scarves

Meanwhile in my action-packed days (now almost two weeks) here, I have been knitting scarves!  I decided to join in this new venture and am now a member of the (quickly-growing, I must say) unofficial Knitting Circle a.k.a. K-nitting Klub. One of the Sisters wanted to start a new craft and while making boa-like feathery scarves she came across these knitted "novelty scarves."  If you search in Google Images "starbella novelty scarves," many images with scarves in a multitude of colors will come up (Starbella is one of the brands of yarn).  Here are photos of one of the scarves that I made last week: 

One line of yarn (Red Heart Boutique Sashay, if you're interested) gives each of the yarn colors/color schemes a name of a dance.  I have knitted Conga, Salsa (the one shown in the photos--very fitting, isn't it?), Ballet, and am currently on Boogie; Hip Hop is one of the most popular color schemes.  Just an extra fun twist to making the scarves!  Christmas gifts... coming right up! ;)


  1. Ashley, I love these scarves! Did you learn to knit just now in order to be able to make these scarves? Way to go!!
    Our Sister Jean Junneman makes them for our Gift Shop. Is there a Gift Shop at St. Gertrude's? I cannot remember seeing one there. Maybe this will start one!!
    Love, Mary Jane

  2. Thank you, Mary Jane!!
    I knew how to knit before I started making these scarves. Knitting these scarves is easier--but for one reason also more difficult--than knitting with a regular skein of yarn.
    There is not a gift shop here, but I hear that there have been various expos of talents and crafts in the past.
    I love your enthusiasm! --Ashley