Monday, September 17, 2012

Opportunities in the Area

This week has flown by!  Here are a few great opportunities I've had in the past week...

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by Jenna Bush Hager.  She spoke on "How the Power of Compassion Changes Lives" as a guest of the Women & Girls Fund of the (Maryland) Mid-Shore.  This is a wonderful Fund which "uses the power of pooled resources to improve the lives of women and children on the Mid-Shore," encouraging women of all ages to be strong, healthy, and powerful, essentially improving communities as a whole.  Jenna spoke well and helped us to see how the opportunities she had as a First Daughter opened her eyes and heart, inspiring the works in which both she and her sister are involved. 

Thursday I had another busy day of transporting residents of the House.  I refreshed my memory of routes to nearby towns and can drive there without referring to directions.  I found a few shortcuts and back roads.  I ventured north to Chestertown.  And in Chestertown I drove around the campus of Washington College... yes, as in George Washington.  Admittedly, I got shivers as I saw the 1700-something date on the campus dedication sign.  This was the first U.S. college, I believe.  I drove down a couple narrow, broken streets to look at houses I am convinced are over 200 years old.  It is incredible to me as a Mid-Westerner to be in a place so rich in history.  I will be sure to update if I learn more. 

I also made it further south this weekend; I'm slowly expanding the area I've seen!  A friend's uncle's band played at the Legion in Cambridge on Friday night.  It was a fun time as I love any live music-- and this was good live music!  Don't worry St Joe Legion, this doesn't replace you.  Saturday I also saw more small towns I had not previously seen.  By the way-- the weather here has been beautiful!  I have enjoyed many refreshing walks, a few runs, and a couple bike rides. 

Speaking of exercise, I am also getting into Insanity-- workouts that are, in fact, nearly insane.  It has been nice to connect with some of the school staff through this, and overall to be growing comfortable with everyone at my service sites.  I had my first full days at the school last week and today.  It has been going really well; I have been able to work with a few of the students one-on-one and am learning how to effectively interact with and react to them. 

I'm going to leave you with this for now!  I am doing well and am very comfortable here.  I appreciate you reading this as I share my adventures! 

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