Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More about my service sites (part 2)

The cash register project: Whether or not I have spoke of this project in my previous blog posts, the endeavor of the year thus far has been the process of new cash registers at the Barn.  For the past few (5-6?) weeks I have been programming, formatting, re-formatting, assigning & re-assigning PLUs, repeat each step, etc. new cash registers as well as familiarizing and training cashiers in order to install the new machines.  Though at times the project seemed never-ending, I have benefited from it.  I have learned from myself and gotten to know my co-workers and fellow volunteers more than I otherwise may have been able to.  I learned about the thrift shop and garage from an inverted approach in taking on this project.  The cash registers have been installed and we continue to train cashier volunteers and employees.  There is more to develop, but I now can begin to look forward to the next project.  

I really enjoy my Wednesday nights in addition to some Thursday and Friday mornings that I have been at the Barn for food distribution.  Though I cannot relate from personal experience to many persons receiving food, they are an incredible inspiration to me.  I have realized especially recently the ways in which stories and faces of humility have touched me.  We at the Barn are incredibly blessed that we have food to give to those in need here in Caroline County and the surrounding area.  

During food distribution, I interview clients one at a time.  We need to update each person’s file every time they come in to receive food.  Each client/family can receive food once per month.  We make small talk, check that nothing has changed since the previous month or visit, and record with signatures that the person receives food.  There are volunteers that put together a box and cart of food according to family size while the rest of us talk with clients.  For each there are dry and canned goods, as well as some assortment of frozen meat, breads and sweets, and we still have some fresh produce to give.  The thrift shop and garage with items to purchase with voucher or cash are open during these times.  

I hope that these descriptions are slowly giving you a better idea of my days here.  Feel free to write to me with any further questions or requests! 

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