Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Notes to update you

The 2 month mark!

Yesterday marked two months since my arrival in Ridgely.  Can you believe it?!?  I think the next seven months just flashed before my eyes. 

We survived the hurricane.  Sandy left many in devastation, but we here are so blessed.  The past couple days in school were crazy with limited staff available, but we made it and all of the students are safe and well.  There is some water damage, many trees down & debris, and a lot of water standing-- better outside than in.  As has been reported, millions lost power, but again, somehow we did not!  Thank you for your thoughts, concern, and prayers!!  We all will keep in mind & prayer those who are greatly in need. 

I am on my 28th scarf!  We are in a knitting frenzy as the holidays grow closer (yes, it's almost November!).  This past weekend was one of wonderful celebration.  Saturday was Sister Catherine's 50th Jubilee-- acknowledging 50 years in the monastic community.  It was beautiful and a blessing to be here for it.  Sunday a few of us were able to share with the family of Sister Patricia in celebrating a special birthday! 

I love the variety I have here in all of my ministries.  [A bit from my recent journaling...]  Each day is full of joy and smiles.  I find myself... On fire with the love of service with one another…  Some days are windy, some almost extinguish the flame, but it is the days—or hours—of tranquility during which the flame still burns. 

Love is underestimated.  Think about the word love that we so often use loosely, without consideration.  [Disclaimer: this all may sound copied, as no idea is a new one; however I’m processing and rambling for you.]  Love is the first breath we take in upon waking.  Something gets us out of bed; even if we think it’s fear of losing a job it might actually be love for the family we support or respect for our own dignity.  Love is laced in the trees as they nod to one another; it is the wonder of a child; it is in the eyes of the weary blessed again with a meal. 
Love requires another.  In my “service”—this is such a general term—I continually reconfirm that nothing is worthwhile alone.  Persons enrich my every day, helping me to be comfortable and thriving. 


  1. Ashley, I really love and enjoy reading your blogs. And I love your description of love. It is truly what we live for, isn't it? It is something I really needed to hear today. Thank you for your service to the community at St. Gertrude. I look forward to continuing to read your blog about your experiences for the next seven months.

    Peace and Blessings from another BWSC Ashley.:)

  2. Ashley- can't believe I'm just now getting caught up on your blogs! Sounds like your experience has been full of growth, rewards and new experiences. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!