Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yes, yes, it indeed has been a month since I last wrote something on my blog.  I know you are disappointed, so here I am-- enough of my reasons of illness and weariness. 

Well 5 months ago I drove up to St Benedict's Monastery in St Joseph, MN to begin my orientation retreat for BWSC.  And I'm sitting here trying not to think about the fact that my time with this program will conclude in just a little more than four months.  I also have been reflecting on my mid-year evaluation/review for BWSC, as well as the new year's revelations.  There are so many reflections to share...might I suggest you just take a little trip inside my mind ?  Okay, great-- that will make this blog post lots shorter.  Haha, how about, then, taking a little trip to Ridgely, Maryland to visit?  Good compromise. 

Alright, to begin: an update on my service works. 

          The Barn had a great, busy month in December.  We were fortunate to be able to give additional food for the holidays to all clients during the months of November and December.  St Martin’s Ministries has incredible donors that enable us to continue giving time, talents, resources, and more to those in need, in this community.  I keep busy with tasks: stocking the food pantry, creating recipe sheets for items in monthly food boxes, set up of data spreadsheets, filing, decorating billboard, cleaning, planning, reviewing cash register—you name it. 
            Clients continue to visit us monthly.  I now recognize many faces and am learning quite a few names as well as a few more helpful Spanish phrases!  I am without a doubt the newest and least-seasoned of the volunteers at St Martin’s Ministries.  Most have been giving to St. Martin’s for 20-30 years!  I am blessed to learn from the example of these selfless persons around me. 
            I have had many bonding experiences with beautiful people.  I don’t know what I expected during my time here but I have formed rich relationships with so many.  These have been with co-workers, peers, children, and clients alike—through all of the ministries in which I serve.  I look forward to my service BECAUSE of sharing time with people.  I have been able to extend these relationships beyond our scheduled working hours which has been time both relaxed and social for me.  

To be continued... :) 

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